Top 10 Things Guys Love About Women

Every woman wants to satisfy her partner, regardless of how independent she is.  At the end of the day, you want to know what turns your man on other than just sex.  Men aren’t into communicating and relating all those little details that turn him on while you can write a book about everything that turns you on about him.  There are tons of small details that turn a guy on whether you know it or not so here are the top ten things that guys love about women at website:

Top 10 Things Guys Love About Women

Casual Touching –
When you see your man a little off whether he has lint on his shirt, something on his face or you just lightly touch him while in conversation, it can drive a man wild.  You’d never think it would but it does.  These are just sweet and innocent touches that show your sensitivity. Our free dating site is the best way to meet women.

Drinking –While it is horribly unattractive when girls get completely wasted a girl who isn’t afraid of buying something strong to drink like a bourbon and will pick up a few rounds is a sure winner in the eyes of any guy.

Sparkling in a Crowd – There is nothing more attractive than a girl who can hold her own in front of new people.  Guys don’t really like it when you become possessive or completely fall into the background. Meet women seeking men using this free adult sex dating and sex contact website near you.

Enjoying the Occasional Fellatio– The one thing that most women hate doing is a blow job but for the women who can perform it without complaining are golden in the eyes of any guy.

Your Sweet Scent – Guys love the way women smell.  I’m sure you’re not quite sure about your scent but that breath of fresh air when you walk into the room can drive a man wild.

Dissing the Girl Next Door – While it isn’t a great characteristic to ride people off, men do find it charming from time to time when you completely change your attitude when you see a woman that you despise.  You use a whole new set of vocabulary that you never use and you have a fierceness in your eyes that can really turn a guy on.

Your Elbows? – There are lot’s of body parts that guys absolutely love but one of the body parts that he might find delectable are your elbows.  They are cute and delicate which make guys love your elbows.  Put lotion on them to make them extra fine. Use our sex tips for more fun tonight.

Big Bags Equal Big Smiles – There is something about women being able to save the world that men love when they see their big bags.  Women always carry around items that they will probably never need but when the time comes it sure pays off to have a big bag with random items thrown in.  Never be ashamed of the bag.

Your Strength – Men love the fact that you are strong but love it, even more, when you ask them for their help because you think certain items are too heavy to lift.

Your Accent – Men love a good accent.  Even though you might not have one per say, he might love the way you say certain words or even when you are in the moment and you whip out one of your favorite accents for role-playing.  It is a major turn on.

And there you have it.  So next time you meet someone whether it is in a bar, through a friend or on a free dating site you will have confidence knowing exactly what every guy loves about a woman.

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