Girls’ Attraction Signs: How To Tell If A Girl Likes You?

A girl is always shy around me. I go to talk to her; she doesn’t look me in the eyes. Yet she’s always fighting, and she seems nervous or uncomfortable.

I mean I’m a laid back guy in person and I’m easy going…but the girl acts so weird around me that it actually makes me feel awkward. Anyway, our friendship is online based; now its slowed down and leveled off. As I could figure out she has boyfriend at the moment.

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Men who gives a flip if they think your a creep

From what you have described in your post it does not appear that she is interested in anything more than friendship with you at this particular point in time. Particular since she has boyfriend at the moment. A common mistake that guys make when girls talk about “ there so called problems with there boyfriends ” is that we automatically assume that it is a cry for help and therefore try to offer our assistance in this matter.

More often then not this is not required. The girls are just venting out there frustrations and seeking a willing participant to listen to them. They can make is sound worse than it really is. So a point for you to note for the next time that a girl rages about her boyfriend, you can be certain that it is not a true indication of how they are feeling about there boyfriends.

Have the mind set that you won’t get rejected

Unless you see them actually split up then do not assume anything from what has been said. From the sounds of things your friendship with her is average at best.
She is probably a caring person like you have said but the way that she has treated you some times leaves one wondering whether it really is worth it.

I know it’s hard for you, but at least try and have the mind set that you won’t get rejected. If you have that negative feeling, then of course you will. Be POSITIVE. There is definitely someone out there for everyone.With the talking part, find common interests. People love people who have things in common with them. Practice with random strangers. go up to them and talk to them you’ll never see them again who gives a flip if they think your a creep. this is not something to boost esteem

Girls like guys who make the first move

Go up and just talk to a girl. I’m sure that one will not think your a creep. Trust me. Girls LIKE guys who make the first move. Seriously, that gentlemanly like quality is so rare these days, like for real. And above all, be yourself. simply register and create your personal profile that attracts our members.

Be your self and remember that girls are people just like you and me! And don’t be so down on yourself! I truly believe that there is a person for every other person! SO when you talk to girls talk about likes and dislikes just like you would with your male friends.