How to Seduce a Beautiful Woman 2019?

It’s pretty simple: approach an attractive woman every time you see one. The most important step is to have passionate eye contact. It is subconscious. Without this, you have no connection possibility. Approach her. If the situation is appropriate, have him say the first words. From there, build a good relationship through conversation, subtle touches, posture reflection, similar breathing. It is uncomfortable to focus on these things in the moment, but over time these actions will come naturally. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with failure and rejection. YOU’LL BE DUMB! If they reject you regularly, congratulations!

How to Seduce a Beautiful Woman 2019?

You are not a kitten and you are making a bold move! Learn from your experiences. Make improvements. Over time, your successes will be greater than your failures. The alternative to not approaching a woman is to sit there like a scared child making up silly excuses in her head of why she can’t talk to her. When the moment of opportunity vanishes, you just regret it and ask yourself “what if?”

You lose 100% of the photos you don’t take. -Wayne Gretzky

What do you say? Here is the secret formula: Anything! Never mind Start a conversation. It’s better than doubting and thinking to yourself “oh, you probably won’t like me anyway”. You may be afraid right now, but you have to overcome this. Otherwise, you’ll end up settling for the first person who fucks you because you’re afraid that nobody else loves you. You have to master talking to women to meet another important person. Women want men who can get the woman they want. Women want desirable men. They know that he must be a man of high quality if other women throw themselves upon him.

What is the secret sauce? TRUST!

With confidence, you can approach any girl and start a conversation because you know you are amazing. How do you become amazing? Live a rough life that you are proud of. It doesn’t have to be crazy, but here are some ideas that come to mind:

Gratitude for everything in life.

Pick up a piece of trash on the sidewalk

Patience to expect rewards: delayed gratification

Leave your expectations of what your life should be like and focus on what is already great

Eliminate all fear. Fear causes stress. Stress causes anxiety.

Find a large group of friends and have fun together

Exercise. Sweat. and star local sex tonight.

Returns more than what you take

Progress in your work, business, relationships, health, wealth, experiences.

Call your mom and dad if you are lucky enough to have them around

A few months ago, I was on a coffee date with a girl and get her sex contact. We agreed to meet for a coffee for the first time, and I was hoping to take her to a nearby bar later, but the initial conversation was not going well, and I realized that she was not going to want to come with me to another place when she finished her drink. We got along pretty well, but the flirtatious chemistry we had through the text was absent.

In a last effort to save the date, I picked up some packets of sugar from the side of the table and said, “Here, I’m going to show you a fun game.”

The game I taught him was Nim. For those who do not know, Nim is a mathematical game that involves two players who take turns removing items from different stacks until a player is forced to take the final element, at which point they lose. Nim is a great game to play on dates, for some reasons I will explain shortly.

Once he understood the game and felt ready to play, I said, “Very well, now this game is like the truth or the challenge. Each time we play, one of us chooses a truth or a challenge, and the loser receive as a punishment. So, truth or dare? “

I have never seen such a dramatic change in a woman’s disposition of such a small thing. We played some rounds, the game became sexual questions / challenges, and I really think I could have taken her home there and then (although we ended up going to the bar first for some drinks and billiards). Since then, I have regularly played Nim in my appointments, and I can’t emphasize enough that it is to have something like this in your back pocket, even if you don’t make it a regular part of your appointments.

Now, as a disclaimer, you can apply this same general principle to any game, but here are some reasons why Nim is so fantastic:

It is completely resolved, which means that there is no possibility involved.

Despite being resolved, a player who understands the winning strategy will almost always beat a player who does not (unlike a game like Tic-Tac-Toe, for example). This is important because it means you can win by command. Did she choose to “take off a piece of clothing” as her challenge? Then you can win.

It is very easy to launch a game without it being obvious that you are doing it. This is important, because it prevents the other player from realizing that you can win whenever you want. If you simply won, few people would want to continue playing.

It is very easy to learn. You can easily master the game in one day, and it is very possible to play perfectly even with surprisingly many elements.

The game can be played anywhere and only requires a) a pen and a napkin (or even a cell phone) or b) enough small objects (~ 10-20) such as coins, toothpicks, sugar packs, matches, etc.

I know that some people will disapprove this game and others will like it for the purpose of picking it up, either because they consider them unnecessary or ineffective. Up to the first point, I can only answer that nothing is strictly necessary for the purpose of collection (apart from really essential things like climbing), and that the goal does not always have to be to close the deal as soon as possible. humanly possible; Sometimes it’s good to have fun on the road. For the second point, I can only hope to convince him that the game I described above is not ineffective for the purpose of collection, but is very effective for several reasons:

The game itself has a very strong element of “Omfg, I just want to win; I know I can do it if I try hard enough”, and it can be very addictive, especially when it’s part of a fun and fun dynamic.

You will win the game much more than she is, and sometimes you will literally look like a genius, although secretly you are only doing basic mental math. This only increases your value in your eyes, because you are not only proving that you are a winner, but that you are winning over it.

The game is absolutely fantastic to boost your comfort zone, in a good way. I cannot literally emphasize this point enough, but I can try to explain why it is so. In a normal game of truth or challenge, most attempts to force the sexual limit will be met with a lot of resistance. When you ask a very sexual question or suggest a very sexual challenge, she understands that you are trying to make her answer or comply, and there are many reasons why she could resist many suggestions, even if she feels attracted to you and having a good time .

If you live a life of gratitude, give back to others, appreciate your friendships, work on your health and focus on achieving your financial goals, you will have all the confidence in the world. The key to success with women is to succeed with yourself. Women want a man. He is not a child with problems.

Tim’s philosophy about an excellent, healthy and loving relationship:

You have to become complete before entering into a relationship. Too many people are not complete and only become “complete” when they find another person to fill in the gaps. This creates an unhealthy relationship. One person or both people become dependent on the other person.

When the break occurs, one or both people are left with a piece removed from their circle once “complete.” In the opposite scenario, if you have two people who are already complete and then come together, they are much more likely to have a powerful, lasting and loving relationship. Focus on creating your best self, which for me is having incredible platonic relationships, excellent mental and physical health, and enough money not only to cover your expenses, but also to make investments.

If you approached a woman knowing in the back of your mind that you already have great friends, health and bank balance, you won’t mind if she rejects you or not because you know what her loss is if she doesn’t like you. YOU ARE THE PRIZE! YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE GREAT RELATIONS, HEALTH AND RICHES! If she also has those conquered areas, then she will become a powerful couple that will dominate life together.

Good luck friends!

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