Communication is the key: How to get over my fear of talking to girls?

I really like this girl and I don’t want to lose her. I’m not afraid to talk to her, I just don’t want to ask her out and ruin our friend relationship. Please tell me if these are signs that she likes me. Join Meet and Fuck Site online near you. Never in my life had a girlfriend before because I suffer from social anxiety disorder and am especially afraid to talk to girls because im a afraid they will think im a creep and ignore me and also embarrass me. I’m very afraid of rejection.

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Tips to not be afraid to talk to girls?

She has hugged you, given you a massage and rubs up against you, so these are not only signs, they are obvious attraction signals! My guess is that you are a nice guy that’s really into this girl and she’s enjoying the attention that she’s getting from you. But you are in danger of becoming a FRIEND! Don’t miss out. She is letting you know through her body language that she is interested. Don’t worry about ruining a friendship.

There are 2 worse things that can happen:
1) she turns you down if you ask for a date; or
2) you keep waiting to ask her out and someone else does.

Go for it. You have nothing to lose.

How to overcome fear of talking to girls?

If your friendship is ruined just because you asked for a date, you do not need her as a friend. The way a woman looks at you is a big indicator as well as incidental touches.

You can also tell if she’s physically attracted to you by the way she responds to your incidental contact. Be confident, walk up to her with a conversation topic in mind. Winter break is coming up ask her what she is doing. Unless this girl is a freak or whore she’ll talk back and make nice conversation.

When you start talking say “hey” and just let yourself relax, if a girl isn’t interested she will make it obvious by trying to cut the conversation short and saying one word.

Girls are more afraid of boys then boys are afraid of girls

Go up and just talk to a girl. I’m sure that one will not think your a creep. Trust me. Girls LIKE guys who make the first move. Seriously, that gentlemanly like quality is so rare these days, like for real. And above all, be yourself.

Like every interaction was a game. I brought the mentality that I probably will never see them again so I’ll just say whatever fancies me. When I embraced this mentality, people said I became more confident and that will take you a long way in socialization.