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My problem tends to be that I find a girl (or she finds me, whatever) and she’s ALL about me in the beginning… and I always take this as a cute that I can say whatever, wear my heart on my sleeve and tell him how much I want him too… Meet a  fuck buddy for free tonight.


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A woman gave me so much attention and love and now I barely get anything… I have told her that I don’t think it’s right for me to tell other women I am taken when her interest has dropped dramatically – and she’s seen other women show interest.

The point of an ice breaker is usually to get the other person talking

It is a natural state of affair for women to put in 110 percent when they are in the courting phase of a relationship. Metaphorically speaking. Then once they have acquired their respective targets (the man) than they will normally take their foot of the gas pedal and put on the brakes. (or get into cruise control)
It might not be the case that your girl is no longer into you it’s just that she may believe that she has done enough for you not to leave her for another. Use condoms with your casual sex partner today.

It’s quite common in relationships / marriages in that the guys will hardly recognize the girls that they are with now from the way that they were before they settled down into the relationship. The girls become so relaxed and comfortable in the relationship that they almost seem uncaring. It is at this stage that the relationship either falls apart and or they become mobilised into doing something so that they don’t loose there partner.

Pick up involves a different set of skills, but less focus on one thing at a time

Sometimes it might just be a swift kick up the butt that they need in order to get their act together at other times it might be the case that they no longer care. Nothing is less attractive to women than desperate, unconfident men. find a fuck buddy with us.

It is understandable that people play such games initially when they begin to go out with someone. I suppose the reason will be to keep them keen and interested. However I feel that if you genuinely like someone that playing such games is unnecessary. I do not see the purpose in it. It’s not going to make them like you more or you like them more, it’s just going to frustrate him/her and then prolong the inevitable.

Some women like a guy to be a bit in his shell – she wants him to run and hide

Be mindful also that playing games can also work both ways. You could encounter someone who is really good at it and therefore you both could frustrate the hell out of one another or you could encounter someone who might be shy and nervous and this type of game could turn into chaos within their minds. This is due to a lack of understanding. With the right knowledge you will feel competent and in control. This will be evident to the woman and she will be attracted to this unmistakable air of confidence that you exude.

If you feel that playing such games will help you to ensnare the girls that you like then so be it. But if you are only doing so on the advice of others and it’s not the real you then don’t do it. Never be afraid to be totally honest about your feelings it is a good and admirable quality to have. The right person will appreciate this from the very beginning and will like / love you for who you are.