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Being always shy guy how do i attract females actually.

I know what you can do, I have done it myself, it isn’t that I don’t get any girl it’s just that I wanted to know how many girls I can attract to have sex with me. This is what I did and I know it works trust me.

British sex contacts in the UK - Real Sex Contacts

Is it usual to be attracted to your best friend?

First of all, don’t be shy, shower everyday, get a nice haircut, dress nice.
Approach every girl like you would approach your sister or your friend; at first only.
Say: “Hi how are you”, “My name is _____”, “What is your name?”,

Do not talk about yourself, girls want guys who make them talk, make every girl feel that she is very interesting. If she asks “What do you do?” Don’t answer questions like that, try to be the one who is asking question and leading the conversation. Say: “what do YOU do?”, the girl “I asked you first” and you would say “I ask you second” trying to be funny. If she answer pay close attention, ask her more questions in a interesting way, make good eye contact. At the end just say: “let’s get out of here!” It’s a creepy little game:

Honesty and a soft approach should provide you with some sort of answer

You never talk about yourself, you offer to buy them a drink even if they don’t want, you buy it anyways, you say “let’s get out of here” because you don’t give them the choice to make the decision, it’s your decision and they are going to be happy to go and make you sweet, sweet love…

The aforementioned phrases are examples of how you can lead the conversation. Guys can attract lots of females without being that physically attractive. You have to be hilarious. Girls LOVE guys who are funny. Mostly witty guys and not guys who try too hard to be funny. Real sex contact focuses on adult online dating sex site. It also helps to smell nice. Take a shower every morning and put on a perfume that’s not too strong. It also helps to have soft hair.

I’m telling you. All you need is:
– Wit
– Soft hair
– Clean body

Confident in some areas but shaky in others

I am attracted to people who are more like me, similar social status, similar character traits. Although I am very much into art, music and literature and my husband isn’t at all. But we share many hobbies and spend every day together because our personalities and views are very similar. fuck buddy Finder sites.

I am drawn to wit and humor, self confidence, emotional need. I have a great sense of humor but it is not overt. I am confident in some areas but shaky in others and can be emotionally needy. Perhaps the reason why some of us are attracted to opposites is because we perceive those personalities as the kind that would balance us out in some ways.


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