About A Boy Toy: Benefits And Tips To Becoming Cougar Bait

Cougars are sultry goddesses offering refined pleasures that defy comparison. Youthful girls simply cannot compete with the erotic skills of these mature ladies. This is why a guy perpetually seeking improved sexual experiences would be wise to set himself up as a boy toy.

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A boy toy is a youthful man that is available for fulfilling the sexual needs of a well-to-do older woman. He presents himself in the most gentlemanly manner possible and does everything to accentuate his boyish charm. Being relatively young is important, especially for any boy that wants to be a cub.

Hunting for MILFs (Mother I’d Like to F***) has gone completely mainstream. Stifler’s mom in ‘American Pie’ normalized the concept of cougars for teenagers everywhere. After a generation, the notion of boyish men sleeping with older women has been accepted as a normal state of affairs. Eva Longoria’s affair with John the gardener in ‘Desperate Housewives’ may have dispelled the stigma once and for all.

An assortment of juicy privileges awaits the cougar bait. He is showered with endless sexual favors, romantic gestures, and sweet surprises. He is spoiled in the bedroom and outside of it. He gains a lot of personal understanding of female pleasure, and he can hone his methods to deliver earth-shaking orgasms to future partners.

And as if you needed more proof to set yourself up as an object of a MILF’s lust, this list of benefits might strengthen your resolve to become a good boy toy:

1. Cougars are not timid about anything sexual, and they are certainly not intimidated by kinks and fetishes. MILFs just love to get down and dirty. These women might even have fantasies their husbands refuse to fulfill, so they look to open-minded cubs instead. They have the experience to do unimaginable things behind closed doors. Most younger girls are hesitant to embrace the slutty side of their nature, while most cougars want to be treated like filthy whores whenever given the opportunity.

2. MILFs are not manipulative like their immature schoolgirl counterparts. They know their deepest desires very well, and this innate personal understanding allows them to unearth new levels of pleasure. Their schedule is timed to the second, so promptness can be expected with every encounter. They don’t have time to make their date wait for hours while they get ready. A cougar will be all dolled up when her boy toy arrives, and she will be ready to pounce.

3. The rewards extend far beyond the bedroom. These feisty femme Fatales tend to spoil their fresh-faced boys. Cougars have an undeniable reputation for being sugar mamas, and they often go straight to the purse while in a state of afterglow.

4. The enterprising cub learns sexual skills that will improve his approach as a lover for life. These moms love instructing their cubs through the process. The guidance extends to thrusting methods, oral techniques, and foreplay. To enjoy the full effects, call her “Mrs.”

5. MILFs offers elegance and luxury. They have a real wardrobe with endless dresses and lingerie. Their make-up exudes sophistication, and they know all their best colors already.

6. Enjoy an open night schedule! MILFs have kids to entertain and husbands to handle. This means a boy toy is free to roam the night looking for raunchy escapades. If he returns to his woman’s abode courteously and promptly, no questions will be asked. This is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

As terrific as it is being a boy toy, there are a few potential downsides to keep in mind. Most boy toys find ways to enjoy all aspects of the arrangement. Primarily, MILFs have a day-time schedule, and they may have families. Being stealthy is a crucial asset for any boy toy that does not want to have an unfortunate rendezvous with an angry husband. Another potential problem is the fear of being objectified, although most cubs love being fawned over.

When looking for a willing MILF, there are a few key traits to look out for. Horny cougars are easy to spot, but only if you know the signs. Follow these tips and techniques to be ensnared by the next sexy mama you see.

1. Look for signs of a cougar on the prowl. She will usually be combining high levels of glamorousness with revealing garments. Her eye will be the first thing you notice. If the piercing gaze of a huntress failed to meet your stare, then there is no hope; however, a fleeting glance is all it takes to know this woman wants some action. The other signs to identify include jewelry and sports cars.

2. Set yourself up as the perfect prey. Be spotlessly clean and borderline metro-sexual. A cub must be well-dressed and hip. A clean-shaven jaw line is an absolute must. Manscaping must be and jawline expertise and precision. Remember, tattoos and piercings are ill-advised. They create the persona of a bad boy, which only appeals to young girls; meanwhile, these MILFs are looking for a good boy to be obedient and chaste. Don’t wear sunglasses. MILFs want to see the innocence in your eyes. One final note: Be fit, but not overly muscular. A chiseled body may make you look too old for her tastes, so stay trim.

3. Pay no attention to the wedding ring. It is insignificant when determining if a lady is a game. This holds especially true with cougars. They flaunt the sparkling diamond on their ring finger as an invitation for a fling on the side. This is a win-win situation on all grounds. You get a refined piece of ass to start, and the bling indicates that you will be receiving some of her husband’s hard-earned income. In the meantime, she gets a good lay that has been elusive in her relationship for years. Everybody is happy, except maybe the cuckolded husband. There are even dating sites that specialize in affairs.

4. Don’t expect to dominate them because this will backfire. Act a little shy to woo a MILF. Make her feel like she is taking your innocence. The meek will be devoured and ravaged. Play the part by feigning nervousness. Avoid going overboard into a downright virginal territory, but imply that you are eager for something you cannot find in girls your age. Ask a MILF to show you the way, and she will guide you to a place that surpasses your wildest fantasies and rawest desires.

5. Give these babes something to fuss over. Do your best to be immaculately coiffed, but always leave a minor detail unattended. Effective examples include a missed button or an errant cowlick. She’ll promptly attend to the problem, and taking care of her cub will make her flustered and hot.

6. Emphasize an open day schedule. If they have a family at home, the only chance for a romp is in the morning and early afternoon. In a similar vein, it is wise to know how to not leave a trace. A masterful vanishing act is necessary for secretly scoring with a busy broad.

7. Be intellectual! MILFs love boys that are wise beyond their years. This allows them to feel like the guy is effortlessly bridging the gap. Listen to classy music. Avoid hip-hop, rock, and electronic music; instead, make the switch to classical music when in public. Carry books, especially classic literature and bestsellers. Don’t touch the romance novels! Those are reserved for her, and you might glean some of her secrets if you pry. She may not forgive this infraction.

8. Ask for scolding and even punishment. This will turn her on immensely, and it will give her the direct power to mold you into a better boy toy. Request spankings if you feel like you deserve them. Her eyes will well with tears as she smacks your boyish butt, and so will yours.

9. Use proper grammar with every correspondence. Don’t abbreviate any text messages, and keep slang to a minimum. You don’t have to be Shakespearean, although it wouldn’t hurt; just use full sentences and polite formalities.

10. Do not treat them like antiques. If you accidentally treat her with overly cautious regard, she will be offended. Never say anything to them that makes them feel out of touch. Be willing to get rough! It will be appreciated. Trust me, you will not break them.

11. Deliver in bed! Seriously, this needs to be reiterated over and over again. A boy toy needs to know how to make sex the single best thing his cougar has ever experienced. He must go out of his way to lavish her with attention, affection and a good pounding. The goal is to make her come repeatedly. As a boy toy, she should be able to play with you as long as she wants.

All boy toys get reciprocal benefits from pleasing their women and get sex contacts, but the advantageous results are maximized when the woman is at least a few years his superior. This kind of pairing is truly the most erotic in all of human nature. A widespread consensus exists declaring that men reach their peak of sexual prowess around the age of 18; meanwhile, women achieve their maximum climax after 30. The numbers simply show that young men are destined to be with older women if they want to know the meaning of real pleasure. Being a boy toy comes with endless perks, and the fun is always enhanced when you belong to a confident cougar.