Anal Sex – 5 Things They Don’t Tell You

Right ladies, if you are debating having anal sex for the first time; let us fill you in on some of the things that you are going to need to know. This isn’t a case of once getting it over and done with – this is something that takes time, patience and dedication. Oh and preparation. Definitely plenty of preparation!

There are five things I wish someone had told me before I had anal sex for the first time. Most of the girls in our team completely agree. We decided it was time that the whole world knew the real truth about having anal sex for the first time.

#1 – You can prepare…with an adult sex toy

Most girls wish they had practiced the anal sex thing before they actually did it for the first time with their partner. This is something that doesn’t become apparent until much later on in life. Anal sex gives you a sensation that most people are simply not ready for – it’s like you need to use the bathroom but rather than something coming out, something is going in. Look at some of the online sex toys, especially in the anal sex toy section, and give some of the smaller toys a try before you give it a shot with your guy.

A penis will feel different from a butt plug or other adult sex toy, but it will give you a step in the right direction.

#2 – You shouldn’t let him climax in your ass

When you’re looking for the best sex toys for anal sex it is well worth buying a jumbo supply of condoms. This is very much the case if you are going to use the same toys for your ass as you do for vaginal play. You will want to ensure that you use a condom on your partner and your adult sex toy to ensure that you don’t spread bacteria.

Also, climaxing in your ass is a very bad idea. That stuff has got to come out at some point. Imagine how that feels when you are sat on the toilet. We have been there ladies and we have done that – it’s not pretty. Get him to pull out.

Oh and let’s not forget about one massive thing here – the anus is where poo lives. Things can get messy. You can prepare all you want but at the end of it all, you can’t control everything…. Which brings me nicely to the next point.

#3 – It is okay to have a sense of humor

Things happen at first date– you might fart, he might hit the wrong hole, you might fall off the bed, the condom might slip off… These things can happen and let’s face it; they always happen to you right?

Laugh about these things – your bodies aren’t machines. Lighten up and enjoy it. Who said sex had to be stuffy?

#4 – You will need more lube than you thought.

That little bottle of lubricant that you bought when shopping for best sex toys for anal sex is not going to be enough. It looks like it will be but if this is your first time; all the lubricant in the world is not going to be enough. You can get stuff with anesthetic in it now – it is well worth buying this, especially if you are worried about the pain factor. And yes – here’s a freebie. It does hurt. Of course it hurts.

#5 – You will need an adult sex toy to climax.

If you want to get your end of the deal, you are going to need to get involved. The chances of you climaxing through anal sex alone are slim to none and who says he should have all the fun? Get yourself a cute little lipstick vibrator that you saw when hunting for online sex hookup and gently press it against your clitoris. This can be great for you too if you relax enough to go with the flow.