What do Guys Notice About Girls?

When guys begin to take interest in girls, there are many things that they notice keenly. This sense of observation helps them decide if they are actually in love with the girls. While what each guy notices in the same girl may be different, there are many common things that any guy notices in almost all girls. Here are some of those common things that guys tend to notice in girls.

Not all guys care about attractive looks in girls. Some of them pay more attention to noticing the behavior and attitude of girls when interacting with others. Such guys love well behaved girls and immediately notice this when they find such behavior and good personality in girls.

Some guys do not care if girls are short.

However, being plump or overweight can be a cause of concern to them. One thing that such guys notice about girls is if they are fat. They do not much care about such girls and tend to look for girls who are lean or medium built. But this is primarily due to societal viewpoints on what I hot and what is not. This “taste” as such is changing these days when guys are looking for more curvy women(sex contacts) like Christina Hendricks or even Kim Kardashian.

There are guys who love girls being punctual even if they are late.

These guys observe keenly how punctual the girl is when she arrives on a date and how true she is in keeping her word. For example, if the girl promises such a guy that she will call him at a particular time, he will expect the call at that time and will notice if she is late in doing so.

A few guys are passionate about long hair. Such guys consider long hair to be one of the assets marking the beauty of a woman. These guys immediately take notice of women with long hair and love it when the woman’s hair is long and silky. Some guys also fascinated by the bust size of women. There are also guys who notice the girls’ eyes and lips and are fascinated by girls whom they think have attractive lips and eyes.

Guys tend to notice whether girls are listening to them.

They do not much care for girls who do not listen to them. When guys notice that girls do not listen to them, they often do not like pursuing the relationship as they consider the trait of listening is very important.

There are guys who pay attention to noticing if the girls have a good sense of humor. These guys like such girls who are not very serious about everything. Some of them also notice how caring the girl is towards them. The more the girl tends to care for these kinds of guys, the more she is favored by them.

Some guys pay attention to the hands and feet of a girl and her choice of footwear. These guys notice her toes and fingers and love them if they are kept clean and neat with well curved nails. Bitten and broken nails tend to put off such guys.

Guys tend to be aware of how girls apply makeup.

They do not really seem to mind if girls do not use any makeup at all. However, over usage of makeup or shabbily applied makeup that is smudged all over puts guys off. Guys also tend to notice women who pay extra attention to caring for their skin and body odor. They will instantly notice girls who use a mild and sweet smelling perfume to create a pleasant smell around them.

The above are just some examples of what guys tend to notice most in women. It is worth noting that they are not the only things that guys observe in women. I hope that helped.