What Men Like in Women

a bunch of liars. — ThinkExist.com Opposite attracts, and just poles of magnets they tend to attract each other when they are opposing poles otherwise they repulse with each other. And just like the magnets, humans are like that too, men tends to get attracted with their counterparts which are the women.

Here are things that men likes in women:

  • Physical appearance is perhaps one of the things that attracts men the most. Men are visual in nature, they tend to get attention specially when they see things that are pleasant to their eyes. Beautiful face, vivacious body figure ala Coca Cola,and nice front of women are the foremost things the majority of men looks for in women. Facial features like charming eyes, very attractive lips and disarming smile can melt a man’s heart. Nowadays it is now common to see the love sparks among young people, as the male ones tend to get the cell number of the females even just seeing them for the first time elsewhere (inside the bus, in school campus, in restaurant, etc.).
  • Men likes women that are fun to be with and has sense of humor. Men are fond of good time and happy moments with their girls.
  • Men likes women that are sweet and romantic.
  • Men hates women that are nagger. Men tend to be quiet in nature and they would certainly refrain from tongue lashing. Nagging is one of the reasons of relationship being dissolved by divorce, annulment, break up and cool-off.
  • Men loves thoughful and gentle women that would care for them and fight for them. Men are also fond of getting attention and if they are showered further with tender loving care they are cinched to become more mature, competitive and would strive harder in obtaining achievements and accolades.
  • Nice attitude. Yes men desires good attitude on the part of the women. Attributes like kindness, generosity, sincerity, and the likes would certainly ring the bell.
  • Men likes their girl to be their better half in the future, to build their own family, and rearing kids and securing their education. Men likes to have kids that will eventually become responsible and useful citizens of our community.
  • Good educational background. Although not all of the male ones are not fond of this, still many, would love to have a girlfriend or spouse that is armed with a collegiate diploma for stability and security in the future.
  • Men likes sex and this is the reason they woo girls and eventually marry them, hehehe.

Here are some of the attributes men likes about women. Thanks a lot for the read. If you have more ideas feel free to post them as comments and I will be very glad to add them.