Does He Want to Date You or Just Want To Sleep With You?

Many guys will date a woman and try to make her believe that they want to relationship when all they want is nookie. To me, that is just vile and inexcusable. Some men want a short term fling, others want friends with benefits while some others want a long term relationship.

As long as men make it clear with their women as to what they are looking for in the relationship, everything can work out ok and there can be no misconceptions but when men lie to women just to get them into bed, that is just mean and you don’t want any part of that guy.

So here are some tips that you can use to tell if a guy really wants to be in a relationship with you or if he is just trying to sleep with you.

  1. Don’t sleep with him for the first month of dating him. During that month, see how many dates you go on. If he brings up nookie, tell him that you love it but only in a romantic sense and that you will let him know when you are ready. If he brings it up again or whines about not getting it, dump him! If he waits patiently and does not bring it up again, then wait a month before you first do it but not much longer because he may just think you are stuck up or disinterested and then leave.
  2. Is he introducing you to his friends? Forget about family, that is too much to expect but if a guy refuses to introduce you to his friends, then that means that he is trying to hide something. He may just be interested in the sleep over. On the other hand, some men like to compartmentalize their lives and are scared of introducing girls to their friends and family until they are sure of that woman.
  3. Does he leave after the act? Look if he is not even inviting you to his house for a sleepover but always wants to come to your place; that means he wants to be able to leave if he feels like it and if he is leaving right after sleeping with you. Dating such a guy is just plain dangerous. He may be doing this with multiple women and that can spread STDs.

So that’s it, if your guy is engaging in these behaviors, don’t just dump him but rather sit him down and talk to him. Make it known that you are looking for a specific relationship and that if he is not into it, then he should let you know without a fear of consequences such as you making a scene or breaking down.

If a guy is shown that he can end a relationship without fear of a long break up process, then in most cases he will just come clean if you confront him. If he wants to stay with you, then ask him why he is so afraid of committing further to this relationship in a meaningful way.